School Charity Foundation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Because our children deserve better

It is a public charity foundation established by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The mission of the foundation is to promote the development of school education in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Objectives of the fund:

Objectives of the fund:

- Support for school education, enlightenment, culture and spiritual development of the individual;

- Improvement of infrastructure, material and technical base of schools, teaching and educational process;

- Social protection and support for children with disabilities;

- Stimulation of gifted students and support to low-income students in schools.

Main activities:

- Support of students` innovative projects;

- Financial support of gifted students, as well as students of schools from low-income families;

- Financing of material and technical support and equipment of the educational process, equipment of educational premises;

- Development of school infrastructure (repair of school buildings, premises, etc.).




Situation panel:


Donation via: Local payment systems, Bank branches, International payment systems.


Transfer of funds to the school development fundation

Processing of funds received from donations to a special account for general and targeted charity.


Transfer of funds to the accounts of schools

Distribution of funds to schools in need of infrastructure improvement.


School online report on the use of funds

Creation and maintenance of online reports by schools in the form of lots for the use of funds received from donations.


Acceptance of work by people`s control

Control over acceptance of works made by the school related to the use of funds from donations will be assigned to the parents of the students.


Report to the benefactor

There will be a detailed account of the use of committed donations in the personal cabinet of each registered user.

For every person,

it is the school that plays
the most important role in their life

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School Charity Foundation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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